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Shelly M.. McMillan

Founder & President

"Whatever situation you find yourself in, there is always room to help someone else."

Our History

Building Self-Esteem and Helping Others

The InnerBeauty Foundation is a non-profit foundation with a mission to provide access to services and programs that can help change and restore the lives of men, women and children.  We have provided a one-day full service “Day of Beauty & Grooming” to homeless men and women in local shelters since July of 2002.  Since then, we have expanded our services to help teenage boys and girls with life skills and awareness programs. One of our goals is to help prevent our youth from lack of education, low self-esteem, and financial illiteracy, which leads to homelessness.  We have serviced a total of 1,555 people from 6 different states and all walks of life. We now offer long-term support through our Total Restoration program to help both adults and children during the transition process.



Shelly McMillan is a compassionate hairstylist and entrepreneur who works with men, women and children from all walks of life.  As a native of Cleveland, Ohio, she balances a busy career in the beauty industry and operates as the program director of InnerBeauty Foundation.  After making a decision to pursue the beauty industry, Shelly McMillan completed her initial education at Vogue Beauty Academy in 1993.  Shortly after, she began working as a hairstylist in her local community.  A couple years later, she advanced her skills and became a managing cosmetologist and beauty instructor, hosting several hair and skin classes.  Her experience also allowed her the opportunity to manage several hair salons in Cleveland, Ohio while teaching students at Regency Beauty Institute.

During the experience of working behind the chair, she realized the impact that her beauty services had on clients.  As she helps develop her client’s outer beauty, their inner beauty began to shine through. In 2002, she put this concept to work by establishing the InnerBeauty Foundation. This organization is non-profit with a mission to provide access to services and programs that can help change and restore the lives of men, women and children. The first community project was the “Day of Beauty & Grooming” for men and women in Cleveland homeless shelters. The “Day of Beauty & Grooming” became an annual event for adults and children according to their circumstance.  Shelly is also engaged in the events as one of the coordinators, hairstylist, and motivational speakers.  As the foundation began to grow, local hair salons and barbershops in Cleveland and other states, began to partner with the organization and offer their services.  In 2003, Shelly McMillan began to receive awards from the City of Cleveland, the Foster Care Unit and Queen Latifah for the great work of the InnerBeauty Foundation.

Today, she is committed to serve as a community leader with a passion to help people.  Shelly McMillan is the owner of Barbers Unlimited!, Beauty Unleashed! Hair Salon and B~U! Boutique in Cleveland, Ohio.  Some of her goals and interest is to provide the Total Restoration program in several communities and assist those who have a desire to be restored.  She truly believes that the world needs beauty and compassion, which is released from the inside.

Mission Statement

As a non-profit foundation, we aim to help others through programs and services that will restore their lives.

Touching the World Through Love & Support

    • Cleveland, OH
    • Columbus, OH
    • Youngstown, OH

    • Dayton, OH

    • Akron, OH

    • Illinois 
    • Louisiana
    • Texas
    • Alaska
    • Idaho
    • North Carolina
    • New York
    • Michigan
    • Hawaii
    • Georgia
    • Nevada
    • Mississippi

We currently serve at several location sites depending on the program being offered.

Business Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

                   Saturday: 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

          Closed on Monday

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